IT DOESN'T MATTER whether you are a refrigeration engineer at a cold storage facility, an equipment operator at a food processing plant, a manager of a distribution center, or the maintainence supervisor of your building's HVAC system, you want a controls product that is dependable, affordable, efficient, easy to use, and saves you money on energy. At Advanced Energy Control, we provide the latest in state-of-the-art controllers along with operating techniques that coordinate your equipment to run only when needed and in the most efficient manner. With our specialized experience in refrigeration control, process equipment control, and HVAC control, we have the knowledge to custom design a system for you that will save you time and money year after year!

How? After understanding your equipment & electric rate structure, we will design a system that will lower and level off electric demand, first for the ENTIRE facility, then for specific equipment. This demand control will also lower your overall electric use by coordinating your equipment to run more efficiently and only when needed. An AEC system will also shift as much of your operations as possible from On Peak to Off Peak to lower your electric cost even more. With our techniques, our clients have been saving up to 30% on their electric bills with returns on their investment of up to 100%

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